The Master Beginner

A karate kid walked up to the black belt and asked excitedly, "how do I get as good as thou?"

"Ah, there's not much to it" said the black belt. "It's just practice. But do not bother, you will give up soon."

"You watch! I'll invent new kicks, do moves never imagined. I'll become the greatest master who's ever lived! I'll show you." said the beginner.

Ten years later the beginner received his black belt. A white-belt walked up to him:

"Oh master, how do I get as good as thou?"

"Practice 12 hours a day for ten years straight, and you may receive a black belt like me."

The white-belt did as told. After ten years he too recieved a black belt. With a scissor he instantly cut it in half and went on to become a musician.

He was now the greatest karate master who had ever lived.