A corner of order

Yesterday night I wrote in my journal...

I think I can finally see myself working with software for a big part of my life.

Finally gained enough mastery to confidently be willing to dedicate myself more to this craft.

Don’t know how many hours I’ve racked up programming, but it’s a sizeable amount at this point.

It feels amazing, to possess a skill, you know?

Having a craft is like a safe space from chaos: It's somewhere you don't feel like an impostor, and where you get to experience the otherwise rare joy of having control. It's a cheat code, because no matter what life throws at you, this corner of order will always be there for you. And I think it adds to your character.

Craftsmen are interesting people.

Hey friend, I'm Gus

Hey friend, I'm Gus

I'm a self-taught web engineer.

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