Should You Pay For GitHub Copilot?

90% of developers will NOT pay $10/month for GitHub Copilot.1

This is irrational:

  1. Say Copilot increases your productivity by just 1%.

  2. Say you value your time at $50k a year.

  3. Then Copilot will add $40/month of value for you.

$40 > $10, Q.E.D.

GitHub Developer Advocate offer wen.

Prompt Programming Is the Future

We are entering a new era of programming.

As AI tools continue to improve, mastering syntax will become less important. You’ll become less of an implementer and more of an architect.

By outsourcing the boilerplate aspects of programming to AI, we humans can focus on what we do best – being creative. This is Garry Kasparov’s idea behind Deep Thinking. Synergizing with the machines will save us time and make work more meaningful. This is great news!

But still, there are reactionaries hating on AI programming, saying it’s stupid. It’s akin to what we’re seeing with DALL·E 2 and art.

These nostalgic programmers are holding on to a past they should be letting go. Perhaps they're SCARED AI will replace them?

In a way, they’re right – they should be scared.

There will be techno-shamans and peasant programmers.

Learn to prompt or become worthless.

1 If you're wondering where the 90% stat is coming from, the coding channel Fireship did a YouTube poll. Perhaps not super representative of practicing software engineers at large (should have been a third "student" option), but with 1.5M subscribers, it's saying something.

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