Never Let a Bug Defeat You

You can never let a bug defeat you.

It's like a fighter losing a fight.

It crushes your confidence.

And next time you'll throw in the towel even faster.

Shippers Have Character

I know programmers who ship in a weekend what takes others a month. It's a matter of character.

You want to pick the tasks no one else dares to.

Avoid what Will Larson calls "snacking" (low-effort tasks without impact). Leave instant gratification to some junior.

Pick tasks you might not be able to solve. Worst case you'll have to ask for help. As long as you get it done, you'll finish stronger.

How I Learned React.js by Being Pissed

I was in university, studying physics.

Top of my class, one year in.

But it was turning me into a bureaucrat.

And I wanted to make money.

So I started scheming.

And I realized the quickest way to make money was to get a high-paying developer job.

But I wasn't a good developer; all I knew was university math.

So I took a Udemy course on React.js, applying the information on a side project in parallel. At the same time, messaging impressive people on LinkedIn.

And eventually, I made good friends with another teen programmer – he too was pissed and driven to get paid.

So we started coding together. And one weekend we built a React app together that made a couple of grand. We then leveraged the app as an experience to land high-paying developer jobs.

We didn't know what we were doing, but action had served us.

You Need to Be Energy Maxing

Difficult problems require courage ...which requires ENERGY.

Sticking with it requires pain tolerance ...which requires ENERGY.

Good news is, energy can be increased with lifestyle and mindset.

Talk to you later.

Hey friend, I'm Gus

Hey friend, I'm Gus

I'm a self-taught web engineer.

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