What Good Career Are Others Not Pursuing?

What's your soul worth, anon?

Do you want snacks or skills?

If Software Engineer at MANGA is peak competition,

What's an underpursued path for the modern programmer?

Avoid Tracks

I have not worked for MANGA. But the fact that there is a booming industry for cracking the Coding Interview™ should be an obvious tell. It's no place you want to be. Grinding LeetCode is like SAT prep; a safe track if you can compete. But it is a track: It will narrow your vision, and it lacks asymmetric upside.

Be a Curious Grug

Petroleum engineering is asymmetric, but perhaps not too exciting. What future do YOU want to bring to be?

(Think hard about the future.)

To find existing efforts, look for the strange and esoteric. Even better, what does the mainstream condemn? Paths with asymmetric upside must have little competition.

Why do we fight each other about this piece or that piece of land?

Why are we not looking outwards?

– Ragnar Lothbrok

Hey friend, I'm Gus

Hey friend, I'm Gus

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