Building something new

Last week I started building something new.

Will reveal more as I go, but it's solving a niche problem of mine, and I can't wait to use it. Maybe it'll help others too.

In No Rush Whatsoever

It’s been a while since I felt this creatively invigorated, so I’m in no rush whatsoever. Just enjoying the process. <3

@csallen sums up the vibe:

Why Projects and Mastery Are So Important

Especially for men. Since we can't birth babies, I think it's imperative we find something beyond our egos, to give ourselves over to, and ground our being in pursuit of immortality.

Heck, you probably stuck with software because it provides you that sense of mastery. A craft to hone.

Programming is a craft by the way. Not a science, not an art. We’re craftsmen.

Hey friend, I'm Gus

Hey friend, I'm Gus

I'm a self-taught web engineer.

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